Saturday, May 19, 2012

Christchurch Aftershocks on Sunday 20th May 2012

After a relatively quiet period, Christchurch and Canterbury have experienced several fair-sized aftershocks in the last few days. According to Geonet, the shakes were of the following magnitudes:

Tuesday May 15th, 1:27pm, 4.5 earthquake, 11 kilometres deep, 10 kilometres north-east of Chirstchurch
Sunday May 20th, 9:35am, 4.1 earthquake, 10 kilometres deep, 20 kilometres west of Christchurch
Sunday May 20th, 5:06pm, 4.8 earthquake, 8 kilometres deep, 20 kilometres east of Christchurch

After the Sunday shakes, Facebook was flooded with comments from locals about how the quakes had felt and concerns that two large shakes in one day may be a sign of more movement to come overnight.

Demolition continues on a daily basis across Christchurch with one of the latest casualties being the Waters Edge Apartments in Ferrymead. This seven storey structure was not popular and is probably one of the few buildings that will not be considered a great loss to Christchurch. Situated as it was on the water edge, it obstructed the view and stood out amongst the relatively low buildings in the surrounding areas. The pictures below show demolition underway on Saturday 19th May 2012. 

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