Tuesday, May 15, 2012

15th May 4.5 Aftershock in Christchurch

Geonet reported a 4.5 aftershock in Christchurch on the 15th May 2012. The shake occurred at 1:27pm and was centred in the ocean near New Brighton. Canterbury Quake Live recorded the depth as 10.39 kilometres and it measured v on the Mercalli scale. This means the quake was felt by almost everyone, some people awakened. Small objects moved. trees and poles may shake.

Locals described it as a jolt followed by an extended wobble. Facebook comments included the following:
  • Well that was a good rocker
  • The house is still moving
  • That will have rattled a few more rocks off the cathedral
The widespread feeling was it was the biggest shake most residents had felt for several weeks.

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  1. it was around this time, having been Red-Zoned in New Brighton Rd, that we departed Christchurch, having accepted the Govt and Insurance Settlement ... we were literally forced out of our home, and at the time, were actually more than happy to leave as there seemed no end to the earthquakes, after nearly two years of non -stop shaking ...Christchurch was a 'dead duck' we had long decided!..

    Things change given more time, and it is pleasing to see that Debbie has, and is documenting this historic event so well, keeping us 'ex-patriots' (for the want of a better word) up to date with her photographic record of past and future events relating to Christchurch ...