Saturday, November 5, 2011

Red Zone Bus Tours in Christchurch 2011

Saturday 5th November 2011 was the day that Christchurch residents finally had the opportunity to see the earthquake-damaged centre of their city. This was through the Red Zone bus tours organised by Cera. The bus tours will be operating over weekends with buses running every ten minutes. A gold coin donation is requested and passengers are made aware that they are entering a dangerous area and further aftershocks and building collapse could result in their death.

Over 7000 people booked trips in the first four days and those on the first bus to go through the city said it was healing to see the damage with their own eyes. "It is hard to comprehend the scale of destruction until you've seen it firsthand." Click here for more information on the Red Zone tours and here for a description of the first bus ride through the city.

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